Please advise your clients that all funds brought to the closing must be in the form of Certified Funds or a Wire Transfer.

Please advise your customers to bring in their Driver's License.

Please fill in the information which applies to your client.

Commissions: % to Listing Company
% to Selling Company
Transaction/Administration/Broker Fees: $ Payable to:
Paid By: Buyer Seller
Has Smoke Detector been installed prior to closing (Jefferson Co. ONLY): Yes No
(If no, this must be done prior to the closing to ensure the closing is not delayed)

Seller's Information

Seller's name:
If a Company/LLC please advise to bring Corporate Resolution to the closing as well as their Tax Identification Number (this also applies if the Seller is an Estate).
Seller's Telephone #:
Seller 1 SS#: Marital Status
Seller 2 SS#: Marital Status
  Lender: Acct. #: Phone #:
  Lender: Acct. #: Phone #:
  Lender: Acct. #: Phone #:
Home Warranty:
  Company Name: Amount: Buyer Seller
Homeowners Associations:
  Association Name: Phone #:
  Amount: Paid Due
    Annual   Calendar Fiscal Other
    Monthly Quarterly Other
Additional Information:
Please forward an authorization executed by the Seller authorizing Borders and Borders, Attorneys to obtain payoff information.

Buyer's Information

Buyer's name:
If a Company/LLC please advise to bring Corporate Resolution to the closing.
Buyers's Telephone #:
Buyer 1 SS#: Marital Status
Buyer 2 SS#: Marital Status
Homeowners Insurance:
  Company Name: Phone #:  
  Company Name: Amount: Buyer Seller
Additional Information:


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