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New Photography Exhibit!

Apr 1st, 2009

Come See “Hanging Together,” Our New Photography Exhibit! In our offices, we are exhibiting the photographic work of local artist, John Fitzgerald, entitled “Hanging Together” (see Borders & Borders was a major sponsor of this exhibit earlier this Spring. We were interested in the project not just because the photography is exquisite (though it is) but because of what it represents. I've included the artist's description below, but here's our own explanation.

The pictures represent a wide variety of people from our community. Some are rich, some poor. Some are black, some white. Some are old, some are young. Some are powerful, others vulnerable. Some well known, others invisible wherever they go. But when you present their images together, without an explanation of who they are (what jobs they have, what backgrounds they have), it becomes clear to the viewer that their underlying humanity--what makes them human--is the same. As a society, we have such a need to know people's backgrounds (their stories) in order to compartmentalize them in our minds. We all think of people differently when we think we know them (by superficial means). We all view immigrants differently than we do farmers and newscasters differently than garbage collectors. But as human beings, we know that they’re the same. They have the same wants, the same needs, the same desires. They all suffer; they all experience joy. And who they are (again, their stories) don't define them. So when we view them all together, warts and smiling eyes, botoxed lips and radiant smiles, we view them as only our Maker can: as all the same.

We have all walks of life in our closings, from pilots at UPS buying million dollar homes, to Hispanic buyers struggling to buy their first home; from the working family in the south end of Louisville to the Habitat family in the West end. And when our clients and customers come into our office and see these faces (at least one of which might even physically resemble them) our hope is that they'll recognize themselves in the images on the wall. That they'll be more at home because they’ll see that we respect and honor them, not because of who they are (their stories) but because of our common humanity. It's an opportunity for us to let them know that they're in a safe place--where they'll be treated the same regardless of how they might be treated when they leave our doors.

Here's the official artist's statement:

“Hanging Together is a collection of portraits of individuals representing a wide range of socioeconomic status. While society and reality may treat these individuals quite differently, the photographic technique of this project seeks to view each individual much the same as God would – with absolute equality. The artist’s objective is to challenge the viewer to approach poverty and wealth through a more divine and personal lens than what their human perceptions, stereotypes, and experiences may allow. Photographic intimacy and a minimalist simplicity of artistic style are the means by which I attempt, - not to obscure, but to transcend the inequalities between those who are included in a wealthy, consumer culture and those who are left out.”

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4.01.09 - New Photography Exhibit!

In our offices, we are exhibiting the photographic work of local artist, John Fitzgerald, entitled “Hanging Together”. Learn more...
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