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If you’re new to Borders & Borders, welcome!

We’re here to serve you so if you don’t find what you need on this page, please call us at 502-894-9200 or email us at

If you are a lender, and you wish to order a title examination, you can fax a title request to Tammy Avis at 502-894-8081. You can also order title by calling Tammy Avis or Shelly Ising at 502-894-9200. Regardless of how you order title, please send us a copy of the sales contract (by email, fax or regular mail) as soon as possible so that we can proceed with our title examination. After our title examination is complete, we will send you a title insurance commitment, so please be sure to let us know where you would like the commitment sent. It’s also helpful if you can provide information related to the new loan that you wish to reflect on the commitment (loan amount, mortgagee name, etc.)

If you are a real estate agent or an unrepresented party, you can fax a request to run title and order a closing through Tammy Avis or Shelly Ising at 502-894-8081. You can also call 502-894-9200 if you prefer not to fax or email your request. We will need a copy of your sales contract in order to complete the title examination.

After title is ordered, please call 502-894-9200 or email Tammy Avis ( or Shelly Ising ( to schedule the closing.

Once the closing has been scheduled, you will be assigned a closing team. You will work with either the team of “Heather and Hope” or the team of “Claire and Jeanette.”

For the team of “Hope and Heather,” you can contact Hope Scriber at or Heather Conn at

For the team of “Jeanette and Claire,” you can contact Jeanette Perkins at or Claire Mattern at

For matters other than real estate closings, please contact Shelly Ising at or Tonya Sivori at or call 502-894-9200.
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