What We Can Do For You

Since the early 1970s, our firm has practiced primarily in the field of real estate law. We represent banks and mortgage companies, real estate investors, builders and individual buyers and sellers in a variety of transactions related to residential and commercial real estate in Kentucky and Indiana. Our six attorneys also practice in other areas of law as well.

Residential & Commercial closings

Our primary area of practice is with real estate closings. We have represented dozens of lenders and thousands of individuals buying and selling real estate in Kentucky and Indiana. From small home purchases to million dollar commercial and residential sales, we handle every transaction with respect. Ordinarily, we represent banks and mortgage companies loaning money to people buying homes. In other transactions, we can represent individual or corporate buyers and sellers of real estate.

Title Searches & Reports

At Borders & Borders, we employ two full-time title examiners, which allows us to provide timely and accurate title searches. We can provide title work for Jefferson County and for the surrounding counties of Oldham, Bullitt, Spencer, Hardin, Shelby, Henry and several other counties in Kentucky. We can also provide title work in numerous counties throughout Indiana. Please feel free to contact our office to inquire about title work in other counties in Kentucky or Indiana.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

We represent buyers and sellers who want to invest in real estate for investment purchases but don’t want to pay capital gains taxes immediately upon sale. We’ll work with you to ensure that you comply with the numerous IRS regulations pertaining to these transactions.

Business Formations

We can help you set up corporations, limited liability companies and land trusts. We’ll help you decide whether to purchase real estate in your individual capacity or as a business, and we’ll help you decide whether to operate as a corporation or as a limited liability company (llc).

Wills & Probate

For Kentucky individuals and couples with estates valued at less than $1.5 million (including life insurance proceeds), we can help you plan your estate in order to leave your assets in the hands of your loved ones and, if necessary, set up trusts for your children.

We can also represent an estate, helping you through the probate process after a loved one has passed away.

Investor Services

We represent many real estate investors who purchase properties through private sales or public auctions. We can help you write contracts, decide whether to set up a business, and determine whether to defer capital gains taxes by 1031 exchanges.

Issuance of title insurance

We are agents for three different title companies and we can write lender’s and owner’s title insurance policies for residential and commercial transactions. See “Why Title Insurance” for more information on why you should never purchase property without an owner’s title insurance policy.

Contract preparation and review

At Borders & Borders, we can help you draft a contract when you are ready to purchase or sell residential or commercial real estate, or we can help review contracts submitted to you.

Powers of attorney

We can prepare powers of attorney, living wills and health care powers of attorney as needed.
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