Why An Attorney?

In Kentucky, anyone can handle a real estate transaction. No license is required and no state or local agencies oversee the closing process. In fact, Kentucky requires more training and licensing for cutting hair than for handling millions of dollars in escrows for closings. We believe that it is critical to have attorneys involved in the sale and purchase of real estate because many legal issues do, or should, arise that require the education and experience of an attorney.

If issues arise as to survey defects, title defects, terms of mortgages, or the manner in which purchasers should hold title to real estate, only a licensed attorney is qualified to handle those issues. Rather than having to hire an attorney for each party, these issues can arise and be handled from the closing when you have an attorney present. And if separate, individual representation is advised, our attorneys are also qualified and trained to refer you to another attorney.

Finally, as attorneys, we are required to treat all parties with honesty and fair dealing; a non-licensed closing agent does not have that requirement. At Borders & Borders, at least one attorney is involved with every transaction. When you choose Borders & Borders for your closing needs, you’ll see the difference an attorney makes!
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